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This page is designed to help you locate your ailment/problem and will give you information to assist you in relieving symptoms and get you on the road to making yourself well again...

*Please note - we are currently working on linking all the herbal and health suggestions in the list to the online shop to make purchasing the correct products for your ailments even easier.*

We have listed Advice in various categories. Metaphysical Advice is linked in with a widely accepted concept that every physical manifestation of disease or imbalance within the body is also linked with an emotional and mental (metaphysical) cause or negative thought pattern, perhaps caused by previous trauma or events. By changing the thought pattern to a positive one with the use of affirmations, it aids in the body's innate healing process, on all levels. I have used these methods of healing within my clinics, with great success, and wish to share them with you now to aid your own healing journey. It does, however, mean that the responsibility for your current condition, and your journey back to health, lies with your Self! For further information visit Louise Hay's website.

When treating any illness wholistically, you usually need to employ more than just one or two therapies in order to treat the person. Good food and drink are vital requirements, because these are the daily input upon which the body thrives. Usually, if you put cheap oil and petrol, or the wrong petrol in the car, the car will not work, or it will breakdown frequently. This is the same principle as what we 'feed, our bodies. Regular servicing is also important, especially the older we get - just as a car does, Bi-yearly or seasonal food cleanses can be an excellent way to achieve this. If you are actually sick, then further steps must be taken and these steps should be weighed up on the severity of the problem. Still, a main feature will be making sure that all the organs and systems are working freely and effectively. So one by one they will need special support nourishing and cleansing. Massage also provides a loving touch, and the manipulation of the muscles encourages blood and lymph flow and generally helps organs to pump, squeeze and relax more efficiently. Yoga is another option for those who cannot afford, or find a friend to give a massage. Essential oils can be used in massage oils, in bowls of water or in oil burners around the home. Their uplifting and calming fragrances are capable of easing depression and bringing joy, while their chemistry can aid more physical imbalances.

Another area of vital importance to be considered for any illness is the skeletal system. Particularly the spinal column which, has nerves and fluids leading off it, nourishing, sending messages and generally serve all the organs and systems of the body. If any part of this spinal column is disarranged (it may be eroded, a trapped disc, the hips may be out of alignment, or neck and skull displacement. All kinds of things can be affected from the bowel and its function, to menstrual difficulties, headaches, liver function or digestion. Ideally, children should have regular six monthly or yearly check-ups. If one's structure is misaligned when it is still developing then this can cause long and short term damage. This may not necessarily be painful but is never the less a problem. These check ups can be regarded in the same way as a dental check-up, most people are aware of the importance of these, especially to growing teeth!

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Please note: If you do not find the ailment you are looking for feel free to contact me for information.

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