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Crystal Therapy

Subtle, electrical, light healing energies from the mineral world can greatly enhance One's personal development. Man has utilized their properties since Ancient times. Melanie uses crystals as tools during treatments to balance & re-align the body’s energy centers (Chakras) and can guide you on how to use them in your daily life. (30 – 60 minutes)

As the Chakras (energy centres) govern both the physical and emotional areas of the body, having them balanced is key to optimum health. Whether you are simply stressed from an overactive lifestyle or suffering from an illness or dis-ease, Chakra Balancing is highly recommended to bring the body back into balance and aid its own innate healing ability. It will leave you more focussed, calmer, happier and helthier, even after one session. many get 're-balanced' evry few months depending on what sresses they are experiencing in life.

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