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Natural Healing and Reconnective Healing ®

Encompassing a range of beneficial methods to aid the body's innate ability to regenerate itself, which can include positive changes in diet, nutrition, lifestyle; body cleansing; exercise; flower remedies, and meditation techniques. Programmes are tailored to individual needs; guidance and support is given. Why not book for a Personal Lifestyle Analysis today - and change your loife for the better NOW!

Melanie is now a qualified and certified Reconnective Healing ® Practitioner and offers this innovative healing therapy as partof her clinic. If you are feeling out of balance, stuck or adrift on your life path, or struggling to progress, then this new healing modality can help you. Reconnective Healing ® works with timeless frequencies of Energy, Light and Information. It will help you shift to a higher level of consciousness, aiding you back into balance on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Producing consistent research results that have astounded scientists, these incredible frequencies remain with you loing after your session.

So, if you're looking for:

* more energy/balance

* more confidence/self-worth

* more clarity/focus/creativity

* a greater sense of well-being

* and an entry point to your true purpose

experience for yourself what is a profound, and for many, a life-changing experience.

Melanie will also soon be able to offer The Reconnection ® which opens you up to the 'blueprint of your soul'. It aids accelerated personal growth and developing a clearer understanding and connection to your own life's purpose and universal truths.

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