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Skin Support

Our skin is the largest elimination organ we have, responsible for excreting almost a quarter of the toxins in our body. Skin problems are often the outer reflection of inner disharmony. This means that the skin needs to be kept healthy and able to ‘breathe, or blocked pores will make removal of waste products from all internal elimination organs, very difficult. This explains why many skin disorders are an indication of internal sluggishness and stagnation.

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Skin Support Formula ... 55ml
Skin Support Formula ... 110ml
Skin Support Formula ... 270ml
‘Barberry & Fennel’ Capsules ... 125
Skin-eze Herbal Salve ... 60g

Skin-eze Herbal Salve ... 30g


Dandelion & Burdock root Tincture ... 55ml
Dandelion & Burdock root Tincture ... 110ml
Dandelion & Burdock root Tincture ... 270ml
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