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About Nature's Pharmacy

Natures Pharmacy was established in 1996, by our Master Herbalist, Melanie Cardwell. Since then, we have been providing mail order herbal products, an email herbal health advice service, and clinics in both Essex and Hertfordshire. We are a sympathetic and ethical company, providing flexible, balanced and effective herbal preparations, working to balance mind, body and spirit.

We always endeavour to provide the highest quality, organic or wild-harvested herbal medicine formulae, coupled with our approach to healing the body as naturally as possible, using tried & tested remedies and ancient traditions, to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles... encouraging optimum health and well-being! We aim to sell herbs that are sustainable and grown in harmony with the environment. Our range of herbal products were created from the needs of our clients and are constantly expanding. They are also energized with the Reiki Healing Ray for maximum effect. Many of our herbal formulae are based on the pioneering and renowned work of the American herbalist Dr. John Christopher.

Natures Pharmacy offers a more personal approach to healing, with our aim to empower our clients & customers to reclaim their own ability to heal themselves, and support the body’s innate healing potential. Within our Clinics, we offer a complete program with guidance to bring about transformation and harmony on all levels.

  • All our products are listed by Body System & Relevant Organs to aid you in finding the best treatment for your specific problem.
  • All formulae are used to support, cleanse and nourish the body’s major organs and systems. Individual ‘special blends’ can also be made up to order for a wide range of specific conditions – please enquire. Some herbal formulae are also available in vegetarian capsules.
  • When taking tincture formulae for the first time always start with 55ml, (lasting approx 7 days), in the rare case that any sensitivity occurs.
  • Tinctures are the best way to take herbal medicine, as they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, without the need for digestion in the gut. Tinctures are made by steeping herbs in pure alcohol, (a vital solvent & preservative), and spring water similar to flower remedies. If you do not wish to imbibe the small amount of alcohol, for whatever reason, just add hot water to your dose, leave to cool and all alcohol will have evaporated. Alternatively enquire about formula in capsules, if it is not listed.
  • We use only vegetarian capsules and a very comprehensive listing of organic and wild-harvested herbal tincture formulae, herbal teas, capsules and single herbs.
  • Further information on contra-indications of the herbs mentioned in our website can be found here
  • PLEASE NOTE: We have no option but to comply with increasingly stringent statutory regulations regarding herbal food supplements, it is regretted that many of the products listed herein have brief and often vague descriptions. Should you require help in making your choice of product within this context, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you as much as possible but are rightly not allowed to advise on health problems. We do NOT advise taking herbal medicine alongside prescribed or recreational drugs, nor should herbs be taken whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, unless otherwise suggested.

    For more information, please email: info@naturespharmacy.org.uk for advice, or contact your local qualified herbalist.

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